Postcode Map

The postcode map shows the location and boundary line for AB35 5YF, with the map marker a central point of reference for this postcode, marking the central latitude (57.005369) and longitude (-3.40122) geographic coordinates for satnav purposes.

Use the grey circle to determine the approximate postcode border radius for this geographical postcode area.


Sorry, we've not found any hospitals in the local area.


The following doctors surgeries can be found near AB35 5YF:

Sorry, weve not found any doctors surgeries in the local area.


The following dentists can be found near AB35 5YF:

Sorry, weve not found any dentists in the local area.


The following chemists can be found near AB35 5YF:

Braemar Pharmacy & Newsagents

23 Mar Road, Braemar, AB35 5YL
AB35 5YL
Phone: 013397 41423
Distance: 0.06 miles away

Davidsons Chemist

10 Bridge Street, AB35 5QP
AB35 5QP
Phone: 013397 55409
Distance: 13.96 miles away

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