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The postcode map shows the location and boundary line for AB23 8UG, with the map marker a central point of reference for this postcode, marking the central latitude (57.230149) and longitude (-2.098602) geographic coordinates for satnav purposes.

Use the grey circle to determine the approximate postcode border radius for this geographical postcode area.

This page outlines the sunrise (dawn) and sunset (dusk) times for AB23 8UG (Aberdeen) postcode area.

Sunrise is the instance at which the upper edge of the sun appears over the eastern horizon in the morning, and sunset is the daily disappearance of the sun below the western horizon. The following sunrise/sunset times are calculated algorithmically, and may vary by a couple of minutes.

Wednesday, September 19, 201806:0118:01
Saturday, September 22, 201806:0418:04
Tuesday, September 25, 201806:0718:07
Friday, September 28, 201806:1018:10
Monday, October 1, 201806:1318:13
Thursday, October 4, 201806:1618:16
Sunday, October 7, 201806:1918:19
Wednesday, October 10, 201806:2218:22
Saturday, October 13, 201806:2518:25
Tuesday, October 16, 201806:2818:28

Useful resources

  • Sunrise - Wikipedia
    A Wikipedia page for 'Sunrise', or sun-up, when the sun crosses the horizon and its accompanying atmospheric effects.

  • Sunset - Wikipedia
    A Wikipedia page for 'Sunset', or sundown, when the sun is at an azimuth greater than 180 degrees.

  • HM Nautical Almanac Office
    Daily rise/set and twilight times for the British Isles from the HM Nautical Almanac Office.

How does this work?

Our sunrise and sunset times are calculated algorithmnically, using PHP, Ajax and JQuery. PHP has a built in function (date_sunrise() and date_sunset()) that returns the time of sunrise and sunset for any given day and location, and is calculated based on the latitude/longitude coordinates.

The sunrise and sunset syntax for the PHP function is as follows:


Parameter Details
timestamp A required field that passes the timestamp of the day required to calculate the sunrise/sunset time.

An optional parameter that specified how the date format is returned.

latitude An optional parameter, specifying the latitude of the region. Default is North.
longitude An optional parameter, specifying the longitude of the region. Default is East.
zenith An optional parameter, specifying the default zenith. Default is date.sunrise_zenith.
gmtoffset An optional field that specifies any offset of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

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