Today's sunrise/sunset times

Fri Oct 3009:5719:4514:5109:2220:19

The above times show the sunrise and sunset times for today for the postcode BH8 8ZW. For the dawn, sunrise, dusk and sunset times for the next two months for BH8 8ZW, see the table below.

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Sunrise/Sunset calendar for BH8 8ZW (next 60 days)

DateSunriseSunsetZenithTwilight BeginsTwilight Ends
Fri Oct 3009:5719:4514:5109:2220:19
Sat Oct 3109:5819:4314:5109:2420:17
Sun Nov 0110:0019:4114:5109:2520:16
Mon Nov 0210:0219:3914:5109:2720:14
Tue Nov 0310:0319:3814:5109:2920:12
Wed Nov 0410:0519:3614:5109:3020:11
Thu Nov 0510:0719:3414:5109:3220:09
Fri Nov 0610:0919:3314:5109:3320:08
Sat Nov 0710:1019:3114:5109:3520:06
Sun Nov 0810:1219:3014:5109:3720:05
Mon Nov 0910:1419:2814:5109:3820:04
Tue Nov 1010:1519:2714:5109:4020:02
Wed Nov 1110:1719:2514:5109:4120:01
Thu Nov 1210:1919:2414:5109:4320:00
Fri Nov 1310:2019:2214:5109:4419:58
Sat Nov 1410:2219:2114:5209:4619:57
Sun Nov 1510:2419:2014:5209:4719:56
Mon Nov 1610:2519:1814:5209:4919:55
Tue Nov 1710:2719:1714:5209:5119:54
Wed Nov 1810:2919:1614:5209:5219:53
Thu Nov 1910:3019:1514:5309:5319:52
Fri Nov 2010:3219:1414:5309:5519:51
Sat Nov 2110:3319:1314:5309:5619:50
Sun Nov 2210:3519:1214:5309:5819:49
Mon Nov 2310:3619:1114:5409:5919:48
Tue Nov 2410:3819:1014:5410:0119:47
Wed Nov 2510:3919:0914:5410:0219:46
Thu Nov 2610:4119:0814:5510:0319:46
Fri Nov 2710:4219:0714:5510:0519:45
Sat Nov 2810:4419:0714:5510:0619:44
Sun Nov 2910:4519:0614:5610:0719:44
Mon Nov 3010:4719:0514:5610:0919:43
Tue Dec 0110:4819:0514:5610:1019:43
Wed Dec 0210:4919:0414:5710:1119:42
Thu Dec 0310:5019:0414:5710:1219:42
Fri Dec 0410:5219:0314:5710:1319:42
Sat Dec 0510:5319:0314:5810:1419:41
Sun Dec 0610:5419:0314:5810:1619:41
Mon Dec 0710:5519:0214:5910:1719:41
Tue Dec 0810:5619:0214:5910:1819:41
Wed Dec 0910:5719:0215:0010:1919:41
Thu Dec 1010:5819:0215:0010:2019:41
Fri Dec 1110:5919:0215:0110:2119:41
Sat Dec 1211:0019:0215:0110:2119:41
Sun Dec 1311:0119:0215:0210:2219:41
Mon Dec 1411:0219:0215:0210:2319:41
Tue Dec 1511:0319:0215:0210:2419:41
Wed Dec 1611:0419:0215:0310:2419:41
Thu Dec 1711:0419:0315:0310:2519:42
Fri Dec 1811:0519:0315:0410:2619:42
Sat Dec 1911:0619:0315:0410:2619:43
Sun Dec 2011:0619:0415:0510:2719:43
Mon Dec 2111:0719:0415:0510:2719:43
Tue Dec 2211:0719:0515:0610:2819:44
Wed Dec 2311:0719:0515:0610:2819:45
Thu Dec 2411:0819:0615:0710:2919:45
Fri Dec 2511:0819:0715:0710:2919:46
Sat Dec 2611:0819:0815:0810:2919:47
Sun Dec 2711:0919:0815:0810:2919:47
Mon Dec 2811:0919:0915:0910:3019:48
Tue Dec 2911:0919:1015:0910:3019:49
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