Today's sunrise/sunset times

Thu Apr 2207:5222:1815:0507:1522:56

The above times show the sunrise and sunset times for today for the postcode B27 7BH. For the dawn, sunrise, dusk and sunset times for the next two months for B27 7BH, see the table below.

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Sunrise/Sunset calendar for B27 7BH (next 60 days)

DateSunriseSunsetZenithTwilight BeginsTwilight Ends
Thu Apr 2207:5222:1815:0507:1522:56
Fri Apr 2307:5022:2015:0507:1222:58
Sat Apr 2407:4822:2215:0507:1023:00
Sun Apr 2507:4622:2315:0507:0823:02
Mon Apr 2607:4422:2515:0407:0623:03
Tue Apr 2707:4222:2715:0407:0323:05
Wed Apr 2807:4022:2915:0407:0123:07
Thu Apr 2907:3822:3015:0406:5923:09
Fri Apr 3007:3622:3215:0406:5723:11
Sat May 0107:3422:3415:0406:5523:13
Sun May 0207:3222:3515:0406:5223:15
Mon May 0307:3022:3715:0406:5023:17
Tue May 0407:2822:3915:0406:4823:19
Wed May 0507:2622:4015:0306:4623:21
Thu May 0607:2522:4215:0306:4423:23
Fri May 0707:2322:4415:0306:4223:25
Sat May 0807:2122:4515:0306:4023:27
Sun May 0907:1922:4715:0306:3823:28
Mon May 1007:1822:4915:0306:3623:30
Tue May 1107:1622:5015:0306:3423:32
Wed May 1207:1422:5215:0306:3223:34
Thu May 1307:1322:5415:0306:3023:36
Fri May 1407:1122:5515:0306:2823:38
Sat May 1507:1022:5715:0306:2723:40
Sun May 1607:0822:5815:0306:2523:42
Mon May 1707:0723:0015:0306:2323:43
Tue May 1807:0523:0115:0306:2123:45
Wed May 1907:0423:0315:0306:2023:47
Thu May 2007:0223:0415:0306:1823:49
Fri May 2107:0123:0615:0306:1723:50
Sat May 2207:0023:0715:0406:1523:52
Sun May 2306:5923:0915:0406:1323:54
Mon May 2406:5723:1015:0406:1223:55
Tue May 2506:5623:1115:0406:1123:57
Wed May 2606:5523:1315:0406:0923:59
Thu May 2706:5423:1415:0406:0800:00
Fri May 2806:5323:1515:0406:0700:02
Sat May 2906:5223:1615:0406:0500:03
Sun May 3006:5123:1815:0406:0400:05
Mon May 3106:5023:1915:0506:0300:06
Tue Jun 0106:5023:2015:0506:0200:07
Wed Jun 0206:4923:2115:0506:0100:09
Thu Jun 0306:4823:2215:0506:0000:10
Fri Jun 0406:4723:2315:0505:5900:11
Sat Jun 0506:4723:2415:0505:5800:12
Sun Jun 0606:4623:2515:0605:5800:13
Mon Jun 0706:4623:2615:0605:5700:15
Tue Jun 0806:4523:2715:0605:5600:16
Wed Jun 0906:4523:2815:0605:5600:17
Thu Jun 1006:4423:2815:0605:5500:17
Fri Jun 1106:4423:2915:0705:5500:18
Sat Jun 1206:4423:3015:0705:5400:19
Sun Jun 1306:4423:3015:0705:5400:20
Mon Jun 1406:4423:3115:0705:5400:20
Tue Jun 1506:4323:3115:0705:5400:21
Wed Jun 1606:4323:3215:0805:5400:22
Thu Jun 1706:4323:3215:0805:5400:22
Fri Jun 1806:4423:3315:0805:5400:23
Sat Jun 1906:4423:3315:0805:5400:23
Sun Jun 2006:4423:3315:0905:5400:23
Mon Jun 2106:4423:3315:0905:5400:23
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Sunrise & SunsetB27 7BH
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This page shows you the sunrise, sunset and twilight times for the postcode B27 7BH. It also gives you the sunrise/sunset calendar for B27 7BH for the next two months.

Daylight Length
PostcodeB27 7BH

The above image shows today's lunar phase, and will appear in the sky in this shape tonight. This represents the amount of the moon (the crescent) that will be visible from the earth, and depends on how much of it will be lit up by our sun.

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    A Wikipedia page for 'Sunrise', or sun-up, when the sun crosses the horizon and its accompanying atmospheric effects.
  • Sunset - Wikipedia
    A Wikipedia page for 'Sunset', or sundown, when the sun is at an azimuth greater than 180 degrees.
  • HM Nautical Almanac Office
    Daily rise/set and twilight times for the British Isles from the HM Nautical Almanac Office.

Our sunrise and sunset times for are calculated algorithmnically, using PHP, Ajax and JQuery. PHP has a built in function (date_sunrise() and date_sunset()) that returns the time of sunrise and sunset for any given day and location, and is calculated based on the latitude/longitude coordinates.