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The postcode map shows the location and boundary line for LL11 3AW, with the map marker a central point of reference for this postcode, marking the central latitude (53.061693) and longitude (-3.200029) geographic coordinates for satnav purposes.

Use the grey circle to determine the approximate postcode border radius for this geographical postcode area.

Average House Prices (LL) 1995-2013

Year Average Property Price
(National average)
Detached Semi Detached Terraced
1995$44,428 (£57,114)$58,723$41,422$30,427
1996$45,935 (£61,689)$62,970$42,662$30,932
1997$47,415 (£65,833)$62,062$45,196$33,713
1998$48,421 (£69,130)$72,644$44,688$32,298
1999$53,667 (£79,014)$73,583$49,097$36,467
2000$57,387 (£84,804)$82,197$51,952$39,483
2001$59,765 (£94,719)$88,921$56,118$42,157
2002$78,104 (£116,001)$113,167$71,601$52,990
2003$104,265 (£135,921)$153,464$93,459$72,946
2004$133,166 (£154,484)$185,630$116,812$102,049
2005$137,875 (£163,192)$199,350$125,168$104,974
2006$147,314 (£163,244)$208,098$135,080$111,786
2007$146,018 (£176,051)$202,553$138,781$112,048
2008$137,042 (£178,104)$200,649$127,124$96,593
2009$145,417 (£180,970)$189,720$135,947$113,235
2010$135,739 (£182,839)$180,497$127,271$107,623
2011$132,424 (£183,283)$176,780$121,052$105,860
2012$134,025 (£186,841)$178,658$119,334$97,401
2013$132,491 (£197,934)$175,466$120,243$98,314

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House Sales

The following house prices were received at the Land Registry in the period from 1st - 31st of the previous month, and follows the House Price Index release calendar.

House price data is recorded by the Land Registry for all single residential sales around LL11 3AW in England and Wales.

Date of sale/transferAddressSale priceProperty type
Friday, October 11, 2013120 CAXTON PLACE, LL11 1PA$82,000Flat/maisonette
Thursday, December 12, 201333 TOP FARM ROAD, LL11 2EZ$162,500Detached
Friday, October 11, 201319 GROVE LODGE CLOSE, LL11 2PB$98,500Flat/maisonette
Friday, November 15, 201325 ORCHARD GARDENS, LL11 2RS$249,995Detached
Friday, November 8, 201342 CHESTER ROAD, LL11 2SD$235,000Semi-detached
Thursday, December 12, 201326 KENYON AVENUE, LL11 2ST$115,000Terraced
Friday, December 13, 201323 AEL Y BRYN, LL11 2TD$145,000Semi-detached
Wednesday, November 27, 201335 HAMPSHIRE DRIVE, LL11 2US$149,000Detached
Monday, November 18, 2013108 SNOWDON DRIVE, LL11 2YA$160,000Detached
Friday, November 29, 2013ROWAN COTTAGE NEW BRIGHTON, LL11 3DT$249,950Detached
Friday, October 25, 201329 HIRWAUN, LL11 3EF$77,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, November 22, 201317 HIRWAUN, LL11 3EF$119,995Terraced
Friday, July 19, 20135 HIRWAUN, LL11 3EF$179,950Semi-detached
Wednesday, December 4, 2013GWYNFA HEOL LLEWELYN, LL11 3PB$140,000Detached
Wednesday, December 18, 201345 MIDDLE ROAD, LL11 3TW$57,000Terraced
Friday, November 22, 20135 ALDER CLOSE, LL11 4BJ$128,500Semi-detached
Thursday, November 21, 20134 HEOL Y FFYNNON, LL11 4BL$100,000Semi-detached
Friday, September 20, 201319 FAIRWOOD DRIVE, LL11 4DE$167,950Detached
Friday, September 20, 20132 QUEENS COURT, LL11 4FA$214,000Detached
Friday, August 16, 20133 ISABELLE CLOSE, LL11 4FW$181,000Detached
Monday, December 16, 20135 PLAS ALYN, LL11 4QA$107,500Semi-detached
Friday, December 6, 201330 SHAFTESBURY AVENUE, LL11 4QX$109,995Semi-detached
Friday, November 22, 201323 PARKHILL AVENUE, LL11 4RQ$105,000Semi-detached
Thursday, December 12, 201322 QUEENSWAY, LL11 4RY$121,000Semi-detached
Tuesday, November 19, 201365 QUEENSWAY, LL11 4RY$125,000Semi-detached
Friday, November 15, 201332 SAXON ROAD, LL11 4SQ$130,000Semi-detached
Friday, October 11, 201323 SAXON ROAD, LL11 4SQ$132,500Semi-detached
Friday, November 22, 201343 CHESTNUT AVENUE, LL11 4UH$134,000Semi-detached
Thursday, December 12, 20138 CHARLES STREET, LL11 5FL$178,000Detached
Wednesday, November 6, 201351 CHARLES STREET, LL11 5FL$102,000Terraced
Friday, October 25, 2013128 LAMBERTON DRIVE, LL11 5FW$138,000Terraced
Thursday, December 12, 20137 WELLMAN AVENUE, LL11 5HX$145,000Semi-detached
Monday, November 25, 201335 PARK ROAD, LL11 5SH$74,000Terraced
Tuesday, November 26, 201310 COLLEGE HILL, LL11 5TF$150,000Detached
Friday, November 15, 20138 HEOL OFFA, LL11 5TN$82,000Terraced
Friday, November 1, 2013GRASMERE RUTHIN ROAD, LL11 5UT$183,000Detached
Friday, November 29, 201330 STATION ROAD, LL11 6BG$170,000Detached
Friday, November 29, 201367 BROUGHTON HEIGHTS, LL11 6BX$143,950Semi-detached
Friday, November 29, 20131 WHITEHEAD DRIVE, LL11 6BZ$249,995Detached
Tuesday, December 3, 2013ANFORD WESTMINSTER ROAD, LL11 6DG$117,500Semi-detached
Tuesday, November 26, 2013ST JUDES WREXHAM ROAD, LL11 6HP$117,500Detached
Friday, November 22, 20137 DARBY ROAD, LL11 6LW$94,000Semi-detached
Friday, December 6, 20137 BIRCH TREE CLOSE, LL11 6LZ$139,000Detached
Friday, December 13, 201314 BAKERY FIELDS, LL11 6NJ$112,000Semi-detached
Monday, December 9, 201317 WESTON ROAD, LL11 6TG$65,000Terraced
Friday, October 25, 20135 LOWER MILL DRIVE, LL11 6TJ$163,000Detached

Data produced by Land Registry © Crown copyright 2013.

Please note that house prices for properties sold during this period do not reflect current values of properties in this postcode area, they are the prices paid at the time of sale. Prices paid is property price data for single residential property sales in England and Wales, sold on the market at full market value, and lodged with the Land Registry for registration.

For more information about the market trend data and price paid data, please see the Land Registry.

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